Tree of Polarities

Tree of Polarities

Tree of Polarities – $1200

Totality, wholeness, is manifested in all pairs of opposites.
There are many expressions of this paradox in nature, from
the lowest to the highest forms, but the primary polar
relationships are basically and most familiarly expressed in
the negative-positive charge and the female-male energies.
This union of opposites implies a tremendous creative tension
which is, paradoxically, an equilibrium, for every opposite
exists in an essential and intimate relation to its pair.
The familiar images of the cross, vertical and horizontal,
and the Yin-Yang, dark and light, derive their peculiar
dynamism from this tension.

The tree binds the polar principles: male, sun, bird, and
spirit; female, moon, serpent, and matter. And the waters
above unite with the waters below.

Page 80 Sign of the Tree
Meinrad Craighead
1970s; Stanbrook Abbey; Ink on Paper; 10×10; Mat is signed.

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